Mantra-meditation in the DLZ

In all Swami Omkarananda centres and ashrams, Mantra yoga is one of the main activities. From dawn until dusk at regular intervals throughout the day meditations are held. These involve powerful mantra repetition with divine Vedic hymns of the highest spiritual quality.

So, intensive inner and outer mantra repetition becomes embedded into devoted karma yoga, whereby the God-loving person invokes the presence of the Divine in all thoughts, feelings and actions.

Swami Omkarananda declares and explains why mantra repetition is essential:

"Mantra repetition is the most wonderful path towards god-experience. Meditation or mantra repetition is intensive thinking of the Divine by which the whole inner being, heart, mind and soul and also the body is being changed, transformed, transmuted.

Intensive mantra-meditation empowers the consciousness and awakens all higher energies in man, refines and transforms the lower powers, as by this our whole inner being undergoes the pulsation by the wave stream of divine Consciousness.

Every mantra-repetition effectuates some inner transformation and change, creating better preconditions for victory over human limitations, and it is path and means to connect with the Indestructible, the Immortal and Eternal. No other path is more wonderful, more secure and wise, because the god lover makes the Divine replace himself daily more and more, hour after hour, with every repetition.

These mantras are exerting more or less strong effect, according to the purity, faith, meekness and wisdom of the person who does the repetition. These are not just some sounds, as you might think if you hear them, but these sounds are bearing within them some subtle body of sound, too.

When the scientist says that the object is made up by whirling atoms and swinging vibrating energies, this sounds totally different from what the human mind, what commonsense says. If you accept the vision of science then it should not be difficult also to accept what spiritual science says which has proved itself through millenniums and has to be newly disclosed today for our times."