The community in DLZ

All co-workers of DLZ work without remuneration or payment. Members and supporters, that work full-time, in return receive board and lodging and whatever is needed. This voluntary work is not just a kind of sacrifice and idealism. In the spiritual atmosphere of DLZ a proper attitude and relationship to work in general is developed.

By doing the work freely and voluntarily – and from a spiritual view point - it becomes meditation, contemplation of the powers that are in man and in the universe, an act of service, devotion and adoration and a means to unfold and express that higher nature within ourselves.

That which unites all members together is the will to overcome selfish lower tendencies using various disciplines so that these tendencies become controlled by the higher spiritual nature, thus renouncing, whatever is not love, goodness, beauty, truth and whatever is not divine. This renunciation is not just an act of personal sacrifice to foster personal development but a means to acquire the right attitude and relation to work in order to contribute to a place where higher ideals of life are possible.

At the main entrance of 65 Anton Graff Street in Winterthur, an illuminated mandala welcomes those who come to the Centre with the inscription:

"Attain wisdom and love, serve, meditate, experience God! “

Wisdom teaches the seeker of Truth that he must get into harmony with the fundamental laws of all creation and make his behaviour full of reverence and responsibility towards whatever is created in this universe.

In the DLZ we have our own kitchen preparing and serving vegetarian food only, which is healthy, well-balanced, varied and tasty. At the same time we reject any kind of damaging drugs including alcohol and nicotine.