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Sometimes in order to execute specific changes in the universal history, the Divinity may voluntarily take a form and a name, to bring about tremendous changes in the world.

Such is the mercifulness of the Divine, the invisible and the infinite, the nameless and the formless. He can assume form and name, executing great good for all mankind.

Relate yourself to the Divine Light. Open your heart to the Divine Love, and be always conscious of this wonderful, protecting Presence.

God is present in all living beings, in the whole Universe, as Light, as Consciousness.

This Divine Light is present in your whole being, as the all-sustaining Power.

God is the Soul of our soul, the Life of our life, and the Light of our intelligence.

This Light is Surya – the Sun. The Sun of our soul, the Sun of the Universe, the Sun of the infinite Truth . . .

You are unborn, eternal Light of the Divinity, boundless Joy of the infinite Truth. You should reflect on this.