Universal Religion

The most important part of the teaching expressed by Swami Omkarananda and the DLZ is the unbreakable oneness that unites people and the whole creation with the Divine, the timeless Reality, the original ground of all existence, from which everything has originated and to which everything returns. The omnipresence of the Divine and the possibility of experiencing Him in this life and in the world of the earthly realm is the subject of all the teachings, instructions and meditations.

Swami Omkarananda has been teaching universal religion which unites in itself the spiritual and mystical essence of all the great world religions.

His teaching is a Self-revelation of the ultimate Truth. Therefore, his statements are in accordance with the Vedas, with the  Upanishads , with the mystical statements of the Bible and other revealed Scriptures of the great religious Traditions of the world.

He is opening up for many Christians, Hindus, and people adhering to other religions, new ways of seeing, – of perceiving all and everything from the depth of their own true Self, in the radiant Light of their innermost Being, which is called Christ by the Christians or Brahman by the Vedantis, the One in the many, which is limitless, beyond the play of dualities and sense-perceptions.

The timeless infinite Power operated in and through Swami Omkarananda; thus he was in a position to unify in himself all religions, and to present a supra-religious synthesis which is established solely in the eternal Truth, the Truth that transcends the psychological realm, the Truth that is One with the ultimate Reality, while it yet is immediately present and can be directly experienced.

«The essentials of all religions are the same. Christianity says: love your neighbour, have faith in God, be good, be moral. What does Judaism say? Exactly the same thing. What does Islam say? Exactly the same. What does Hinduism say? Exactly the same. Love is the same everywhere – in all religions, in all races, in all nations.

Truth is the same in all cultures, in all nations, in all religions.
Goodness is the same in all religions.
Faith is the same in all religions.
Devotion is the same in all religions.
Knowledge is the same in all religions.

All these factors are uniting all religions. God does not belong to any religion. He does not belong to the East or to the West. Therefore, there is no such thing as Eastern religion and Western religion. There is only one God, and there is only one religion – the religion of Love, the religion of Service, the religion of Prayer and Meditation, the religion of divine Knowledge, the religion of Faith, Goodness, Saintliness, Godliness and divine Contemplation.»

– Swami Omkarananda