Meetings are regularly held on the last Saturday and Sunday of every month for all friends and members of the DLZ. No registration is necessary.

Public discourses in the main lecture hall

Location  Lecture hall, Anton-Graff-Strasse 75
Start 02.30pm
Duration approx. 2 hours
current programme  

Swami Omkarananda’s whole life was an inspiring discourse! People flocked to see him. Even if the people did not always fully understand his words, it is the love behind that people receive, and that draws them; it is the longing for God that makes them ready. And the words of Swami Omkarananda quench their spiritual thirst.

Regarding this he himself remarked:

«None of my speeches, whatever may be the important place they are delivered in, are prepared. I cannot depend upon memory for delivering a lecture or a speech, automatically it pours itself out, inspiration is a normal and natural condition. Dependent upon the nature of the audience my speech comes out. I am in God, surrounded by God. So, you have a glorious opportunity to hear the Voice of Truth directly, to hear the Truth Itself speak.»

The talks of Swami Omkarananda are played from a tape, or video recordings are shown. The programme also includes other guest speakers. Between the talks there are musical performances and collective Mantra singing to round off the programme.

Fire ceremony at the Sermon of the Mount Centre in Zell

In the Tösstal valley, 15 minutes by car to the south of Winterthur, the Sermon of the Mount Centre is found nestling among the deciduous trees and conifers, above the picturesque village of Zell, as an outlier of the DLZ. Even as one approaches one clearly has the impression that the house hidden in the woods is a hermitage, as many visitors have indeed described it, a place of quiet contemplation.

On the weekends of the talks, on the Sunday morning, the guests and Centre residents come here to meet, and attend a spiritual festivity, a Vedic fire ceremony. In earlier days – in the presence of Swami Omkarananda – two mystical betrothals with Christ have been held here, two Vedic weddings, a baptism rite and several Sannyasa initiations.

location Lettenbergstr. 17, 8486 Zell
Start 09.00am
Duration approx. 1½ hours