Mantras on CD

OM Tryambakam

A powerful, revelatory prayer as wonder-working recipe for good health, enlightenment and immortality.
Powerful Mantra recitation with Swami Omkarananda

Duration: 60 min.
CD with booklet about the meaning and pronunciation of the Mantra ,
CHF 20.00

Vedic Hymns
Recitations of 18 different hymns in Sanskrit

The spiritual wisdom and timeless culture of the Vedas are borne of the eternal and universal religion of the Truth, that endures forever, and whose language, Sanskrit, is known throughout the world as the mother of all languages.

CD without the booklet, CHF 15.00
CD with booklet, CHF 20.00
Shanti-Mantras – Prayers for Peace nach oben
4 different Mantras, sung with organ accompaniment

In this manner the spiritual seeker sings his Peace Prayer: may there be peace in all the world! May there be peace in all the higher worlds! Peace everywhere! May there be endless peace everywhere.
Duration: 60 min., CHF 15.00

OM Jesus Christus OM nach oben
Mantra sung with accompaniment on the organ

Let this Christ Mantra be a power for you, a presence, a heaven, a wonder, that lifts you above all human cares. By the intensive and uninterrupted repetition of the Mantra one establishes the whole being in the Light of Christ, one establishes the whole Love of Christ in oneself.
Duration: 60 min., CHF 15.00
Guru Brahma nach oben
Mantra sung with organ accompaniment

The greatest phenomenon in the whole creation is the heart in which the Divine resides consciously, the heart that resides consciously in the Divine – that is the Guru, fully established in the knowledge of the timeless, spaceless, supreme Reality. Nothing touches him, nothing tempts him.

The best way to understand the Guru is to be him yourself. That means, to attain the state of his experience, to possess his eyes, his heart, his hidden inner life.
Duration: 60 min., CHF 15.00

Nirvana Shatkam nach oben

A powerful composition by the enlightened Adi Shankara, founder of the Advaita philosophy. “I am neither thought nor feeling, neither body nor earth, neither pain nor suffering, neither virtue nor sin; I have not father or mother, not friend nor fear of death. I am a manifestation of the infinite beatitude; I am infinite bliss.”

Duration: 60 min., CHF 15.00

Rudra Suktam nach oben
Sung with organ accompaniment

Rudra Suktam is as old as the Truth itself. It is the Mantra from the heart of the Divine, that embodies the power and the spirit of the Divine. Every single word of this hymn revealed from the heart of God is a Mantra. Since the times of the Vedas thousands and thousands of God-loving persons have chanted and sung it millions and millions of times. It would be no exaggeration to say that the number of repetitions of this Mantra is far greater than the number of stars visible in the sky.
Duration: 60 min., CHF 15.00

Shiva-Linga-Ashtakam nach oben
Hymn sung with organ accompaniment

“Eternally I offer prostrations to the Shiva Lingam, who is the transcendental Being and supreme Self. Whoever recites the eight verses of this sacred hymn attains the highest throne of Shiva and enjoys His presence in eternal bliss and joy.”
Duration: 60 min., CHF 15.00

Shiva Mahimna Stotram nach oben
Hymn sung with organ accompaniment

Shiva Mahimna Stotram or the hymn to the greatness of Shiva is considered by many to be one of the best hymns in the whole of Sanskrit literature. It is grand in its conception, sublime in expression, and exerts an uplifting influence on the soul. The mere recitation of this glorious hymn already lifts one to a higher plane of being.
Duration: 60 min., CHF 15.00

Hymns in Honour of Swami Omkarananda nach oben

composed by Shri Pandit V.V.Panshikar (Abaji), a disciple and great admirer of Swami Omkarananda. Sung and played by professional singers and musicians from the Panshikar family.

Omkarananda Darshanam

Duration: 61 Min.
CD without the booklet, CHF 20.00
CD with booklet, CHF 25.00
Omkarananda Vandanam nach oben

Duration: 61 Min.
CD withouth the booklet, CHF 20.00
CD with booklet, CHF 25.00