Talks on CD

Talks by Swami Omkarananda in English with simultaneous interpreting in German

Love is a transforming power

God, who is infinite Love, responds to every stirring of love in your heart however small. Growth in love is the main factor behind every blessing and all development. The human being as the image of God is founded in love, and therefore is by nature love.

Duration: 44 min. / CHF 20.00
The Spirit of God is Active Everywhere nach oben

If you want eternal life, you have to touch the Spirit of God within. He is the true Mother, the true Father – the Truth. With no-one are you bound by so strong a tie of blood relations as with God. This is an undeniable scientific fact, a fact of experience.

Duration: 42 min./ CHF 20.00
The Divine is the Centre of Our Life  nach oben

We come from the Truth and are sustained by the Truth. We are made of the Spirit of God, and we will be sustained by God.

Duration: 39 min./ CHF 20.00
Love is God in Action  nach oben

Grow in the element that is natural and characteristic for you – in love, and you will automatically know God, for Love and God are not two different things, they are one and the same.

Duration: 37 min./ CHF 20.00
The Science of True Happiness

Time brings many baffling changes. Today’s science can become tomorrow’s superstition and the present scientific truths can be scientific falsehoods tomorrow. You are the one who can experience the spaceless, timeless Reality. The Divine belongs to you. You are immortal, immutable. Your life will find fulfilment when this hidden Reality becomes the object of your everyday experience.

Duration: 34 min./ CHF 20.00