An Eminent Avatara Purusha

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Omkarananda Saraswati nach oben

Who Am I? - Before I was born, I was. After I die, I will be. A timeless Being came from, and into, timeless Eternity. Time was formed, and time is dissolved, and I remain what I have always been, a Being with depths to which there is no beginning, and heights to which there is no end...

429 pages, CHF 21.50
Swami Sivananda - compiled and edited by Swami Omkarananda
The Foundation of Spiritual Development
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Daily Readings for every day in the year, from the inspiring works of Sri Swami Sivananda compiled and edited by Swami Omkarananda.

480 pages, CHF 21.50
Swami Omkarananda
Get in Touch with the Divine Light in You

Aphorismsnach oben

From the abundance of Swami Omkarananda's speeches held in Austria, Maria Theresia Mayer selected those aphorisms presented in this volume, which, in a further step, were compiled according to different subjects. The booklet at hand is especially apt to be used as incentive for meditation, or simply to be read between times and to ponder over the statements it contains. It also can serve as a constant fellow and friend, from which inspiration can be drawn, so that one is able to return to one's daily chores with refreshed vigour.

146 pages, CHF 10.00
Swami Omkarananda
Who is a Guru

and Other Inspiring Speeches nach oben

This book contains a few selected speeches of Swami Omkarananda, out of his countless speeches and talks during Satsang for spiritual Seekers.

128 pages, CHF 15.00
Swami Omkarananda
Glory of Shiva Shakti
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In this selection from the recorded talks of Swami Omkarananda we have a wide range of subjects, from the highest flights of the Upanishads and Veda to the humblest little practical steps of how to use the Mantra-prayer and develop one's relationship with the Divine in daily life.

422 pages, CHF 20.00